Fitsov V. orcid-id
Software Methodology for Estimating the Efficiency of the Hardware Composition of Deep Packet Inspection System Using the Modernized Hooke - Jeeves MethodЖурнала ТУЗС - Том 7, №1, 2021

  • Abstract:Deep packet inspection systems on communication networks are used to identify the application generating a specific traffic flow. The issues related to modeling and design of deep packet inspection systems remain poorly understood. In this paper, a software technique for evaluating the effectiveness of the hardware composition of the servers of the deep packet inspection system is presented, using a mathematical model of such a system and software search methods. The description of the program search by the maximum element method and the Hook - Jeeves method is given. A modernization of the Hook - Jeeves method for a monotonically decreasing function is proposed. Comparison of the methods by the number of search steps is performed.
  • Keywords: programmatic search, maximum element method, Hooke - Jeeves method, mathematical model.


Spirkina A.orcid-id
Scientific Aspects of Structural and Parametric Simulation Modeling of Blockchain SystemsЖурнала ТУЗС - Том 7, №1, 2021

  • Abstract:Over the past decade, in addition to multiservice networks, blockchain technology has undergone significant development due to the possibility of organizing a safe, integral, reliable exchange and storage of information. Due to the great demand for the technology, there is a problem of data transmission to the operators' networks. At the same time, a key task appears to consider the effect of this technology on network characteristics to predict traffic behavior on the network and ensure the required service quality indicators, as well as the stability of the state of the public communication network elements when the distributed ledger technology is operating. However, to consider and analyze the influence of technology in a full-scale experiment is a labor-intensive task that cannot always be performed, therefore, in this article, the authors propose to consider approaches to structural-parametric modeling of these systems.
  • Keywords: blockchain, distributed ledger, decentralized systems, simulation, analytical modeling.


Makarenko S.orcid-id, Smirnov G.
Model of Security Audit of a Critical Information Infrastructure Object with Use the Test Cyber AttacksЖурнала ТУЗС - Том 7, №1, 2021

  • Abstract: The article presents a model for auditing the security of a critical information infrastructure object by test information and technical influences. This model formalizes an object in the form audit process of a multilevel topological model, the individual levels of which correspond to: resource costs for impacts, test information and technical impacts, vulnerabilities, object elements and damage levels. The use of this model in audit practice will make it possible to substantiate the most effective impacts on the basis of the “efficiency / cost” criterion, as well as form test suites that will ensure the rational completeness of the audit of a critical infrastructure facility.
  • Keywords: critical information infrastructure, penetration testing, security audit, cyber attack.


Scatkov A.orcid-id, Krotov K.orcid-id
Оrganization of Web-Based Environmental Monitoring Service Using Earth Remote Sensing Data and Pipelining Data ProcessingЖурнала ТУЗС - Том 7, №1, 2021

  • Abstract:The article analyzes the types of remote sensing data and methods of their processing, which is implemented in order to identify negative natural phenomena and man-made impacts on the environment on the earth’s surface, their characteristics and distribution conditions. The substantiation of the pipelining remote sensing data processing necessity in Web-oriented services environmental monitoring services is carried out. The article substantiates the architectural organization of Web-oriented services for environmental monitoring services and the functional scheme of the data acquisition and processing system. Based on the analysis of the thematic and POST-thematic data processing methods, the organization of a multistage (pipeline) system for the implementing actions with them that provide versatile environmental monitoring is justified.
  • Keywords: Earth remote sensing data, Web-based environmental monitoring service, pipelined data processing.


Pashkevich V.orcid-id, Golubev V., Protsenko M.
Modeling and Calculation Characteristics of APAA HF-Band Based on Whip AntennasЖурнала ТУЗС - Том 7, №1, 2021

  • Abstract: When designing the antenna field of a stationary HF transmitting radiocenter, it is necessary to provide for reserving ground-based symmetrical antennas operating on round-the-clock radio directions with backup, fast-deployable antenna systems. As such antennas, it is proposed to use asymmetric vertical dipoles, active phased antenna arrays (APAA) based on them with a controlled directional pattern. This article considers methods for calculating such systems, a method is developed for determining the phase relationships of currents at the inputs of APAR elements, taking into account its placement and functioning on a real object. The results of route tests of single antennas and APAA on a radio link with a length of 650 km are presented.
  • Keywords: electrodynamic modeling, transmitting radio center, whip antenna, trace signals tests, optimal operating frequency, radiation pattern, scanning main beam of APAA, the method of calculation.