Volume 7. Issue 2. 2021

Full text Журнала ТУЗС - Том 7, №2, 2021

An article-by-article edition content (quotation references)

  • Bugrov V. Dynamic Quantization of Digital Filter Coefficients. Proc. of Telecom. Universities. 2021;7(2):8‒17. (in Russ.) DOI:10.31854/1813-324X-2021-7-2-8-17
  • Goldstein A., Kislyakov S., Fenomenov M. Chaos Theory Methods for Contact-Center Dinamic Control. Proc. of Telecom. Universities. 2021;7(2):18‒23. (in Russ.) DOI:10.31854/1813-324X-2021-7-2-18-23
  • Kovalgin Y. On the Application of the Radio Mobile Software for Calculating the Coverage Zones of Transmitters Broadcasting in the VHF Range. Proc. of Telecom. Universities. 2021;7(2):24‒36. (in Russ.) DOI:10.31854/1813-324X-2021-7-2-24-36
  • Kowalski S., Titova O., Staкheev I., Fokin N. Method of Restrictions in the Multicriteria Task of Allocation of Flows. Proc. of Telecom. Universities. 2021;7(2):37‒43. (in Russ.) DOI:10.31854/1813-324X-2021-7-2-37-43
  • Orlov A., Novosadov K., Salnikov D., Bezhenar V. Evaluating Unavailability Algorithm of the Satellite Link Based on the Rain Factor, Taking into Account the Requirements for Bandwidth, Reliability and Limitation of the Frequency and Energy Resource. Proc. of Telecom. Universities. 2021;7(2):44‒50. (in Russ.) DOI:10.31854/1813-324X-2021-7-2-44-50
  • Fokin G., Vladyko A. Vehicles Positioning with the Fusion of Time of Arrival, Angle of Arrival and Inertial Measurements in the Extended Kalman Filter. Proc. of Telecom. Universities. 2021;7(2):51‒67. (in Russ.) DOI:10.31854/1813-324X-2021-7-2-51-67
  • Bobrovskiy A. Theoretical Foundations Development of Space Adaptive Video Information Systems Synthesis. Proc. of Telecom. Universities. 2021;7(2):69‒78. (in Russ.) DOI:10.31854/1813-324X-2021-7-2-69-78
  • Korzhik V., Starostin V., Flaksman D. Elaboration of Digital Watermarking Method for a Protection of Cloning Attack on Paper Certificates. Proc. of Telecom. Universities. 2021;7(2):79‒84. (in Russ.) DOI:10.31854/1813-324X-2021-7-2-79-84
  • Moldovyan D., Fahrutdinov R., Mirin A., Kostina A. Digital Signature Scheme with Hidden Group Possessing Two-Dimensional Cyclicity. Proc. of Telecom. Universities. 2021;7(2):85‒93. (in Russ.) DOI:10.31854/1813-324X-2021-7-2-85-93
  • Zhuk R. A Method for Determining the Potential of an Information Security Intruder and Realizable Software Vulnerabilities. Proc. of Telecom. Universities. 2021;7(2):95–101. (in Russ.) DOI:10.31854/1813-324X-2021-7-2-95-101
  • Salman W. Analysis of Homomorphic Cryptosystems of Benaloh and Paillier for the Construction of an Electronic Voting System. Proc. of Telecom. Universities. 2021;7(2):102‒109. (in Russ.) DOI:10.31854/1813-324X-2021-7-2-102-109

Журнала ТУЗС - Том 7, №2, 2021