Radzievskaya T.orcid-id, Ivanov N.orcid-id, Tarasov S.orcid-id
The Reducing Approaches of Scattering Losses in Polymer Planar Optical WaveguidesЖурнала ТУЗС - Том 7, №1, 2021

  • Abstract: The article presents the development prospects of planar optical waveguides for high-speed data transmission systems optoelectronic buses by polymer materials. The advantages and disadvantages of using non-specialized polymeric materials for general use are revealed. The polymer planar optical waveguides fabrication technologies are proposed. The main losses types in planar optical waveguides, the reasons for their occurrence, as well as approaches to their reduction are determined. Using the example of PDMS polymer and soft lithography technology, the technological process critical stages of polymer planar optical waveguides production are noted, which contribute to an scattering losses increase. For each stage, algorithms are proposed to prevent an scattering losses increase. These algorithms were implemented in practice in the manufacture of layouts of polymer planar optical waveguides of the optical-electronic data transmission bus.
  • Keywords: polymer planar optical waveguides, optoelectronic data bus, soft lithography, hard mold, PDMS, SU-8, T-topping, adhesion.