Bourdine A.orcid-id, Barashkin A., Burdin V.orcid-id, Dashkov M.orcid-id, Demidov V.orcid-id, Khokhlov A., Ter-Nersesyants E., Matrosova A.orcid-id, Pchelkin G., Dukelskii K.orcid-id, Evtushenko A., Zaitseva E., Ismail Ya.orcid-id, Yin Ju., Kuznetsov A.orcid-id, Morozov O.orcid-id, Sakhabutdinov A.orcid-id, Petruccione F.orcid-id, Singh G.orcid-id, Tiwari M., Janyani V.orcid-id
Researches of Parameters of Chiral Few-Mode Optical Fiber Pilot Sample with Improved Height of Step Refractive Index ProfileЖурнала ТУЗС - Том 7 №1, 2021

  • Abstract: This work presents results of researhes of fabricated pilot sample of chiral few-mode optical fiber (FMF) with induced twisting of 10 and 66 revolutions per meter, core diameter 11 µm (that almost corresponds to standard singlemode optical fibers), typical “telecommuniction” cladding diameter 125 µm and improved height of step refractive index profile. Proposed few-mode optical fiber supports 4 guided modes over “C”-band. We considered design and selection of desired technological parameters, based on results of computations, performed by both rigorous and approximation methods. Spectral curves of dispersion parameters are reprented as well as results of experimental measurements near-field laser beam profile and spectral and pulse responces of laser-excited optical signals.
  • Keywords: few-mode optical fiber, step refractive index profile, refractive index profile height, few-mode regime, chirality, differential mode delay.