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Adaptation of the Diagnostic Artificial Neural Network Structure When New Training Examples AppearЖурнала ТУЗС - Том 6, №4, 2020

  • Abstract:In this paper we can see that identified computer incidents are subject for diagnostics, during which the characteristics of information security violations are clarified (purpose, causes, consequences, etc.). To diagnose computer incidents, we can use methods of automation while collection and processing the events that occur as a result of the implementation of scenarios for information security violations. Artificial neural networks can be used to solve the classification problem of assigning diagnostic data set (information image of a computer incident) to one of the possible values of the violation characteristic. The purpose of this work is to adapt the structure of an artificial neural network that allows the accuracy diagnostics of computer incidents when new training examples appear.
  • Keywords: diagnostics, computer incident, multi-layer perceptron, autoencoder, security violation characteristic.