Shestakov A.orcid-id, Biliatdinov K.
Creation and Implementation of Information Reserves in Big Technical Systems MaintenanceЖурнала ТУЗС - Том 6, №4, 2020

  • Abstract: The introduction and use of modern methods of proactive management of complex systems in decision support systems based on the collection and processing of heterogeneous data about the system and the generated precedents of events and corrective actions requires the search for new system-technical solutions for the data collection, storage and preliminary analysis, taking into account the control conditions and the characteristics of complex systems. A special feature of complex systems, such as large technical systems of industrial facilities, informatization and communication, transport, etc., is the combination of improvement stages (modernization of components) and development of systems (introduction of fundamentally new system engineering solutions) during their regular operation. In this regard, it is quite relevant to study the model for maintaining large technical systems and ways to create databases based on information reserves for decision support of proactive management. For the first time, system engineering solutions for the implementation of the original model and method based on a set of computer programs and the results of experimental tests are presented.
  • Keywords: large technical systems, information reserves, model, method of forming information reserves.