Vlasenko A., Evsyukov M., Putyato M., Makaryan A.
Decision Support System for Finding an Optimal Postquantum Key Encapsulation Mechanism. Part 1. Decision Making AlgorithmЖурнала ТУЗС - Том 6, №4, 2020

  • Abstract: The purpose of this study is to develop a decision support system that will allow, for the given conditions of using the cryptosystem, to choose the most appropriate implementation of the post-quantum key encapsulation mechanism. In the first part of the series of articles, the problem of choosing the optimal implementation of the post-quantum key encapsulation mechanism is presented as a multi-criteria choice problem. Decision-making methods that are best applicable to the problem under consideration have been determined. An algorithm for solving the problem has been developed. A web application has been designed that implements the functionality of a decision support system.
  • Keywords: quantum computer, information security, postquantum cryptography, key encapsulation mechanism, decision-making, asymmetric cryptography, web-application.