Fokin G.orcid-id, Vladyko A.orcid-id
The Vehicles Positioning in Ultra-Dense 5G/V2X Radio Access Networks Using the Extended Kalman FilterЖурнала ТУЗС - Том 6, №4, 2020

  • Abstract: This work is devoted to the study of mathematical models of vehicle positioning in ultra-dense V2X / 5G radio access networks using the extended Kalman filter. Based on the study of the probability of line-of-sight availability in the conditions of ultra-dense distribution of reference radio access stations and vehicles, as well as existing mathematical prototype positioning models, a new simulation model for constructing the trajectory of a vehicle has been developed to assess compliance with the requirements for the accuracy of coordinate assessment on the example of the scenario of priority passage of intersections. The simulation model implements the procedures for collecting primary angle and rangefinder measurements by reference stations received from the vehicle for subsequent secondary processing using the extended Kalman filter, as a result of which the vehicle trajectory is built in real time. In contrast to the existing prototype models, the simulation model developed in this work makes it possible to assess compliance with the specified requirements and other specifications depending on the current conditions of line-of-sight availability, as well as the accuracy of collecting primary angle measurements determined by the antenna array installed on the support device. The results of simulation are consistent with the known estimates of prototype models and confirm the possibility of achieving an accuracy of up to 1 m for a traffic control scenario with an error in determining the angle of arrival of a signal of 2 °.
  • Keywords: positioning, ultra-dense 5G networks, vehicle to everything, range and angle meas-urements, extended Kalman filter.