Diyazitdinov R.orcid-id, Vasin N.orcid-id
Iterative Algorithm Offset and Angle Rotation Estimation with Additive and Multiplicative Noise for Space-Time Superposition of Television SignalsЖурнала ТУЗС - Том 6, №4, 2020

  • Abstract: The estimation of displacements, rotation angle and other deformation of images is an urgent problem in the intelligence video recording system. One of the main tasks in assessing image deformations is to increase the speed of data processing. Significant amounts of information contained in a television signal limit the possibilities of using brute force methods, which are a universal solution for estimating unknown parameters. The paper considers the problem of estimating the displacement and angle of rotation under the influence of additive and multiplicative interference for the spatial-temporal alignment of television signals. Reducing the processing time is carried out through the use of an iterative procedure for estimating parameters by successive approximation with separate estimation of the angle of rotation and displacement.
  • Keywords: iterative, offset, rotation, additive and multiplicative noise, superposition, television signals.