Volume 6. Issue 4. 2020

Full text Журнала ТУЗС - Том 6, №4, 2020

An article-by-article edition content (quotation references)

  • Bourdine A., Pashin S. Method for Estimation of Reflection on Fiber Optic Connection Based on Analysis of Images of End Surfaces of Ferrule Connectors. Proc. of Telecom. Universities. 2020;6(4):16-27. (in Russ.) DOI:10.31854/1813-324X-2020-6-4-16-27
  • Diyazitdinov R., Vasin N. Iterative Algorithm Offset and Angle Rotation Estimation with Additive and Multiplicative Noise for Space-Time Superposition of Television Signals. Proc. of Telecom. Universities. 2020;6(4):28-34 (in Russ.) DOI:10.31854/1813-324X-2020-6-4-28-34
  • Flaksman A., Sorokin I., Kokarev A. Minimizing the Probability of Bit Error in a Multi-Stage MIMO Relay System. Proc. of Telecom. Universities. 2020;6(4):36-44. (in Russ.) DOI:10.31854/1813-324X-2020-6-4-36-44
  • Fokin G., Vladyko A. The Vehicles Positioning in Ultra-Dense 5G/V2X Radio Access Networks Using the Extended Kalman Filter. Proc. of Telecom. Universities. 2020;6(4):45-59. (in Russ.) DOI:10.31854/1813-324X-2020-6-4-45-59
  • Yakushenko S., Dvornikov S. Integration of Mobile Network and Navigation Topologies for Mobile Object Management. Proc. of Telecom. Universities. 2020;6(4):60-68. (in Russ.) DOI:10.31854/1813-324X-2020-6-4-60-68
  • Vlasenko A., Evsyukov M., Putyato M., Makaryan A. Decision Support System for Finding an Optimal Postquantum Key Encapsulation Mechanism. Part 1. Decision Making Algorithm. Proc. of Telecom. Universities. 2020;6(4):70-79. (in Russ.) DOI:10.31854/1813-324X-2020-6-4-70-79
  • Korelov S., Petrov A., Rotkov L., Gorbunov A. Preprocessing of the Emails in the Spam Detection Task. Proc. of Telecom. Universities. 2020;6(4):80-90. (in Russ.) DOI:10.31854/1813-324X-2020-6-4-80-90
  • Maximova E. Cognitive Modeling of Destructive Malicious Impacts on Critical Information Infrastructure Objects. Proc. of Telecom. Universities. 2020;6(4):91-103. (in Russ.) DOI:10.31854/1813-324X-2020-6-4-91-103
  • Shestakov A., Biliatdinov K. Creation and Implementation of Information Reserves in Big Technical Systems Maintenance. Proc. of Telecom. Universities. 2020;6(4):104-110. (in Russ.) DOI:10.31854/1813-324X-2020-6-4-104-110
  • Makarenkov V. A Functioning Model of a Dual-Band Radar System That Classifies Targets under the Influence of Interference and Noise. Proc. of Telecom. Universities. 2020;6(4):112-119. (in Russ.) DOI:10.31854/1813-324X-2020-6-4-112-119
  • Malikov A. Adaptation of the Diagnostic Artificial Neural Network Structure When New Training Examples Appear. Proc. of Telecom. Universities. 2020;6(4):120-126. (in Russ.) DOI:10.31854/1813-324X-2020-6-4-120-126

Журнала ТУЗС - Том 6, №4, 2020