Erokhin S.orcid-id, Petukhov A.orcid-id, Pilyugin P.orcid-id
About the Comparison of Information Security Systems for Asymptotic Information Security Management of Critical Information InfrastructuresЖурнала ТУЗС - Том 6, №3, 2020

  • Abstract: The article discusses the security management capabilities of critical information infrastructures. It discusses approaches to developing security policies that don’t lean on assessing residual risks and identifying a fixed list of threats. We examine the possibility of building information security management systems based on monitoring of security events. A formal description of security events as well as relevant protection methods is proposed. The paper introduces an order relation for information security systems comparison and asymptotic CII security control implementation.
  • Keywords: information security, information security policy, information security events, information security events monitoring, asymptotic management, network events characteristics, critical information infrastructures.