Mikhailov R.
The Model of Information Contacts Between Telecommunication Devices of Special Purpose Infocommunication System and Opposing Side Means of Monitoring and Impact.Журнала ТУЗС - Том 6, №3, 2020

  • Abstract: Currently, information conflicts are an integral part of conflicts between different organizational and technical systems in many areas of activity. The solution to the problem of achieving information superiority in an information conflict in the special sphere is assigned to special purpose info-telecommunication systems. According to the author's approach, they include telecommunications and information components, as well as monitoring and impact subsystems. At the same time, the information conflict under consideration is characterized by the presence of two opposing special purposes infocommunication systems, which correspond to two different sides of the conflict. In each infocommunication systems, the means of the monitoring subsystem are designed to provide control systems with the necessary amount of operational information for making decision, and the means as part of the influence subsystem are making it difficult to collect information from the opposing special purposes infocommunication system. Conflict interaction between infocommunication system can be represented in the form of information contacts by means of observation and influence with telecommunication devices as part of the opposing infocommunication systems. In this regard, the formalization of these information contacts and analyzing the potential contribution of these subsystems to the information superiority achievement in the information conflict is an urgent scientific task. The aim of the work is to develop a model of contacts and to evaluate the effectiveness of various options for the distribution of telecommunication devices between the the monitoring subsystems and the impact of the opposing side from the standpoint of achieving information superiority in an information conflict.
  • Keywords: special purpose infocommunication system, radiomonitoring, jamming, information conflict, telecommunication device.