Abazina E.orcid-id, Kovalsky A.orcid-id, Pitrin A.
The Communication Satellites’s Target Effectiveness Evaluating MethodologyЖурнала ТУЗС - Том 6 №3, 2020

  • Abstract: There is an approach of the communication satellites comparison presents in the paper. It can be applied in situations when it is necessary to make the promptly and reasonably decision on the communication satellites choice in conditions of limited time for decision-making. The stated choice method differs from the known ones by taking into account the overall characteristics of the satellite, which significantly affect the quality of its intended tasks. The estimated characteristics in the work are the availability, bandwidth, noise immunity, reliability and controlability of the satellite.. The paper also presents the approbation results of the propsed method to determine the most effective communication satellite in a geostationary orbital grouping belonging to the Russian Federation, involved in the organization of information exchange of mobile subscribers on the territory of the state.
  • Keywords: communication satellite's target efficiency, the communication satellite's target efficiency estimating method, the estimating bandwidth availability, the communication satellite's noise immunity, the communication satellite's reliability, the communication satellite's manageability.