Volume 6. Issue 3. 2020

Full text Журнала ТУЗС - Том 6, №3, 2020

An article-by-article edition content (quotation references)

  • Abazina E., Kovalsky A., Pitrin A. The Communication Satellites’s Target Effectiveness Evaluating Methodology. Proc. of Telecom. Universities. 2020;6(3):6-16. (in Russ.) DOI:10.31854/1813-324X-2020-6-3-6-16
  • Mikhailov R. The Model of Information Contacts Between Telecommunication Devices of Special Purpose Infocommunication System and Opposing Side Means of Monitoring and Impact. Proc. of Telecom. Universities. 2020;6(3):17-27. (in Russ.) DOI:10.31854/1813-324X-2020-6-3-17-27
  • Polevich S., Simonina O. Algorithms for Channel Resource Allocation in а Heterogeneous New-Generation Radio Access Network Proc. of Telecom. Universities. 2020;6(3):28-37. (in Russ.) DOI:10.31854/1813-324X-2020-6-3-28-37
  • Tarlykov A. Developing Anchor-Tag Communication Protocol for Positioning System Based on Time of Flight Measurement. Proc. of Telecom. Universities. 2020;6(3):38-46. (in Russ.) DOI:10.31854/1813-324X-2020-6-3-38-46
  • Buinevich M., Izrailov K. Identification of Processor’s Architecture of Executable Code Based on Machine Learning. Part 3. Assessment Quality and Applicability Border. Proc. of Telecom. Universities. 2020;6(3): 48-57. (in Russ.) DOI:10.31854/1813-324X-2020-6-3-48-57
  • Vasiliev V., Tselykh A., Tselykh L. Method for Validating Graph Models Based on the Effective Control Algorithm. Proc. of Telecom. Universities. 2020;6(3):58-65. (in Russ.) DOI:10.31854/1813-324X-2020-6-3-58-65
  • Erokhin S., Petukhov A., Pilyugin P. About the Comparison of Information Security Systems for Asymptotic Information Security Management of Critical Information Infrastructures. Proc. of Telecom. Universities. 2020;6(3):66-74. (in Russ.) DOI:10.31854/1813-324X-2020-6-3-66-74
  • Krotov K. Building Complex Schedules of Data Packets Processing with Setting Time Limits of a Conveyor System Functioning. Proc. of Telecom. Universities. 2020;6(3):75-90. (in Russ.) DOI:10.31854/1813-324X-2020-6-3-75-90
  • Zhuvikin A. A Watermarking Method for Selective Image Authentication Tollerant to JPEG Compression, Brightness and Contrast Adjustments. Proc. of Telecom. Universities. 2020;6(3):92-99. (in Russ.) DOI:10.31854/1813-324X-2020-6-3-92-99
  • Kucherova K. Prediction of Cloud Computing Resources Based on the Open Source Monitoring System. Proc. of Telecom. Universities. 2020;6(3):100-106. (in Russ.) DOI:10.31854/1813-324X-2020-6-3-100-106

Журнала ТУЗС - Том 6, №3, 2020