Korovin K.orcid-id, Kuzmin S.orcid-id
Implementation of UAV Communication Channel Using Airborne Wide-Band Low-Element Antenna ArraysЖурнала ТУЗС - Том 6, №2, 2020

  • Abstract: In this paper, we consider the the possibility of constructing a long-range communication link using a broadband low-element cylindrical antenna array based on Vivaldi antennas in 10 GHz band. A comparative analysis of the choice of emitters, optimization of the system according to the ratio of the number of elements and gain, and the assessment of overall characteristics are carried out. It is shown that the use of low-element cylindrical array allows one to obtain a compact antenna system with a gain of 13–16 dB, which allows one to construct a long-range communication channel.
  • Keywords: UAV, communication channel, airborne antenna systems.