Ivakin R.Y., Ivakin Y.A.orcid-id, Potapichev S.N. orcid-id
Refinement Algoritm of Hypotheses Testing Research Based on Geochronological TrackingЖурнала ТУЗС - Том 6, №1, 2020

  • Abstract: Geochronological tracking is an effective information technology for digital cartographic spatial data sets processing. It is widely known in retrospective patterns research about geographic relocation of figures, or any other units for a given time interval. Software component of geochronological tracking is becoming one the most popular GIS-integrated applications. The article presents the basic provisions for the algorithmization of the geochronological tracking procedure for statistical testing of retrospective studies hypotheses. We can observe the results of solving this optimization problem in a general form and in a number of the most typical variants. The obtained results of solving the optimization problem are interpreted in terms of the retrospective studies subject area. There are shown the ways of further practical application of the optimized algorithm in the tasks of modern logistics, data mining and formalized knowledge.
  • Keywords: Geographic information systems, GIS-technologies for historic research, geochronological track and tracking, graphs isomorphism, optimal algorithm, refinement of algorithm, GIS-based interdisciplinary research, refinement tasking