Agliullin T.orcid-id, Anfinogentov V.orcid-id, Misbahov R.orcid-id, Morozov O.orcid-id, Sakhabutdinov A.orcid-id
Multicast Fiber Bragg Structures in Microwave Photonics Sensor SystemsЖурнала ТУЗС - Том 6 №1, 2020

  • Abstract: The article describes the transition concept from addressable fiber Bragg structures and microwave-photonics sensor systems based on them to multicast fiber Bragg structures. The difference between multicast structures and address structures is that in the fiber Bragg structure formes three or more super narrow-band frequency components, spaced from each other by the microwave frequency. The central frequencies shift of multicast Bragg structures is determined by the result of processing the signal of optical frequencies beats at the photodetector, which parameters judge the applied physical fields. We see the solved problem of uniquely determining the central (Bragg) frequency shift of the multicast fiber Bragg structure, with a unique set of address frequencies.
  • Keywords: microwave-photonics sensor systems, fiber Bragg gratings, address and multicast fiber Bragg structures