Belyaev D., Kanaev A.orcid-id, Prisyazhniuk S., Saharova M., Sorokin R.
Conceptual Model of HF-Band Packet Radio Network Control SystemЖурнала ТУЗС - Том 6, №1, 2019

  • Abstract: The author develop the conceptual control system model to ensure the sustainable projected promising packet radio network HF-band operating. It is proposed to implement the control functions at the Element Management System level on the basis of automated radio centers, and to implement the Network Management System level management functions on the basis of a dedicated server. Such a management approach allows you to build a hierarchical centralized radio network management system architecture. We can observe a simulation modeling for the developed algorithms of the selected radio network control functions. The paper presents the simulation results, namely probabilistic-temporal characteristics of the processes reliability, routing and functioning under attacks.
  • Keywords: control system, HF-band packet radio network, UML, reliability, routing, safety, simulation