Rogozinsky G.orcid-id, Tarantsev A.
On Statement and Solution of Optimization Problem of Timbral Space Trajectories DesignЖурнала ТУЗС - Том 6, №1, 2020

  • Abstract: This article presents the definition, the statement and the solution of problem optimization for the trajectory between pairs of points in multidimensional timbral space. We see the solution which is implimented on Pareto optimality multiplicative and additive criteria, based on the example of given point set and the space of dimension 3. For given point set and the space of dimension 3, we present the corresponding, The obtained results define the method of timbral spaces for the non-speech audial systems reporting, also known as the sonification systems.
  • Keywords: sound synthesis systems, Pareto optimality, timbral spaces