Volume 6. Issue 1. 2020

Full text Журнала ТУЗС - Том 6, №1, 2020

An article-by-article edition content (quotation references)

  • Agliullin T., Anfinogentov V., Misbahov R., Morozov O., Sakhabutdinov A. Multicast Fiber Bragg Structures in Microwave Photonics Sensor Systems. Proc. of Telecom. Universities. 2020;6(1):6-13. (in Russ.) DOI:10.31854/1813-324X-2020-6-1-6-13
  • Rogozinsky G., Tarantsev A. On Statement and Solution of Optimization Problem of Timbral Space Trajectories Design. Proc. of Telecom. Universities. 2020;6(1):14-20. (in Russ.) DOI:10.31854/1813-324X-2020-6-1-14-20
  • Akmolov A., Kovalsky A., Efimov S. Creation and Functioning Suggestions for the Multi-Satellite Communication System Based on Different Height Orbital Grouping. Proc. of Telecom. Universities. 2020;6(1):22-31. (in Russ.) DOI:10.31854/1813-324X-2020-6-1-22-31
  • Belyaev D., Kanaev A., Prisyazhniuk S., Saharova M., Sorokin R. Conceptual Model of HF-Band Packet Radio Network Control System. Proc. of Telecom. Universities. 2020;6(1):32-42. (in Russ.) DOI:10.31854/1813-324X-2020-6-1-32-42
  • Ganbayev A., Filin V. Optimal Energy Characteristics and Working Parametries of RF Switch Mode Power Amplifier Based on Controllable Current Fed Resonant Inverter. Proc. of Telecom. Universities. 2020;6(1): 43-49. DOI:10.31854/1813-324X-2020-6-1-43-49
  • Golubev V., Pashkevich V., Protsenko M. Development and Experimental Study of APAA HF-Band with Controlled Radiation Pattern. Proc. of Telecom. Universities. 2020;6(1):50-59. (in Russ.) DOI:10.31854/ 1813-324X-2020-6-1-50-59
  • Kuznetsov M., Makarenkov V. A Two-Band Multitasks Radar Complex Functioning Model. Proc. of Telecom. Universities. 2020;6(1):60-68. (in Russ.) DOI:10.31854/1813-324X-2020-6-1-60-68
  • Akhrameeva K., Korzhik V., Nguyen C. Detection of Video Steganography with the Use of Universal Method Based on NIST-Tests. Proc. of Telecom. Universities. 2020;6(1):72-78. (in Russ.) DOI:10.31854/1813-324X-2020-6-1-70-76
  • Buinevich M,. Izrailov K. Identification of Processor’s Architecture of Executable Code Based on Machine Learning. Part 1. Frequency Byte Model. Proc. of Telecom. Universities. 2020;6(1):77-85. (in Russ.) DOI:10.31854/1813-324X-2020-6-1-77-85
  • Ivakin R.Y., Ivakin Y.A., Potapichev S.N. Refinement Algoritm of Hypotheses Testing Research Based on Geochronological Tracking. Proc. of Telecom. Universities. 2020;6(1):86-93. (in Russ.) DOI:10.31854/1813-324X-2020-6-1-86-93
  • Polyanichko M. Methodology for Detecting Anomalous Interaction of Users with Information Assets to Identify Insider Activity. Proc. of Telecom. Universities. 2020;6(1):94-98. (in Russ.) DOI:10.31854/1813-324X-2020-6-1-94-98
  • El Sabayar Shevchenko N. Generation of Model Analytical Intelligence of Service-Oriented Systems for Quality Management of Their Operation. Proc. of Telecom. Universities. 2020;6(1):109-116. (in Russ.) DOI:10.31854/1813-324X-2020-6-1-109-116

Журнала ТУЗС - Том 6, №1, 2020