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  1. Andreeva E., Bylina M., Glagolev S., Chaimardanov P.
    Properties of Temporary Optical Solitons in Optical Fibers and the Possibility of their Use in Telecommunications. Part Журнала ТУЗС - Том 4, №1, 2018
    • Abstract: In the first part of the paper, a theoretical justification is given for the existence and stability of solitons in an opti-cal fiber without losses. The possibility of using solitons in optical communication systems is shown. The problems associated with the interaction of solitons are considered. The results of modeling the processes of soliton propaga-tion along an optical fiber are presented. In the second and third parts, we will consider the conservation of soliton regime in an optical fiber by controlling losses and dispersion in the linear path of a fiber-optic communication system.
    • Keywords: optical soliton, temporary optical soliton, single-mode optical fiber, fiber optic communication system, group ve-locity dispersion, self-phase modulation
    • DOI:10.31854/1813-324x-2018-1-5-12
  2. Borobov A., Karasik N., Lukyanov N., Sosunov B
    Investigation of the Antenna Directivity Pattern Characteristic Mounted on Mobile Radio Object Журнала ТУЗС - Том 4, №1, 2018
    • Abstract: The technique and results of solving the problem of diffraction of electromagnetic waves excited by a radiator placed on a GAZ-2330 vehicle are presented in the article. Calculations of the directional characteristics were car-ried out by the method of finite differences in the time domain. A study was made of the dependence of the directivi-ty characteristics in the far zone of the radiator on its position on the car and on the frequency of the radiation. Based on the results of the calculations, recommendations were made on the placement of antennas, taking into account the decrease in the influence of the car on the distortion of the directional characteristics.
    • Keywords: finite difference method in the time domain, diffraction, asymmetric vertical vibrator, the directional characteris-tic, the coefficient of uneven radiation pattern
    • DOI:10.31854/1813-324x-2018-1-13-21
  3. Vladimirov S., Kognovitsky O.
    The Small Set of Kasami Sequences and their Decoding Based on the Dual Basis Журнала ТУЗС - Том 4, №1, 2018
    • Abstract: The current development of digital transmission systems increasingly focuses on the use of wideband data transmission methods based, in particular, on the direct sequence spread spectrum (DSSS). The use of wideband signals provides an increase in the efficiency of systems in terms of such indicators as noise immunity, a decrease in the energy of transmitted signals, an increase in the level of stealth of the process of data transmission over a noisy channel, an increase in the efficiency of the phasing system, etc. The most often choice for DSSS are maximum length sequences and Gold sequences, the characteristics and processing methods of which have been studied in sufficient detail and presented in many publications. The article is devoted to the sequences of the small set of Kasami sequences, which have a number of advantages over Gold and maximum length sequences. A new Kasami sequences small set processing approach based on a dual basis is considered.
    • Keywords: Kasami sequence, Kasami sequence small set, dual basis, error probability
    • DOI:10.31854/1813-324x-2018-1-22-31
  4. Gogol A., Tumanova E.
    The Evolution of Television Systems in the Context of Video Quality Estimation Журнала ТУЗС - Том 4, №1, 2018
    • Abstract: The article considers the stages of the television systems development and the corresponding quality assessment criteria. The article reviews a method to improve the quality of three-dimensional image by the calculation of the number of depth plans based on the statistical data of stereo threshold. The results of experimental studies of the television and network parameters influence on the three-dimensional television image quality are presented. There are different ways of the video information estimation development within infocommunication systems in future.
    • Keywords: criterion, estimation, parameters, quality, three-dimensional image
    • DOI:10.31854/1813-324x-2018-1-32-39
  5. Gorai I., Zhuravlev D., Prasko G.
    Technology of the Field Transport Network Building by Method of Additional Lines's Deploying Журнала ТУЗС - Том 4, №1, 2018
    • Abstract: The sequence of solving the problem of restoring the network structure by adding edges article are described. Possi-ble variants of the algorithms taking into account a number of characteristics of a network: the number of inde-pendent routes, structural survivability, timing and certainty of message delivery, the total number of spanning trees - are specified. An example illustrating the sequence of a specific task restore the network structure is given.
    • Keywords: route, corresponding nodes, communication network, graph, node, spanning trees, delivery probability, delivery time, message
    • DOI:10.31854/1813-324x-2018-1-40-46
  6. Dvornikov S.
    Theoretical Foundations of the Synthesis of Bilinear Energy Distributions of Non-Stationary Processes in the Fre-quency-Temporary Space: Review Журнала ТУЗС - Том 4, №1, 2018
    • Abstract: The theoretical prerequisites for the transition to descriptions of nonstationary processes on the basis of their joint time−frequency energy distributions are considered. The reasons for the transition to joint forms of time-frequency descriptions for nonstationary processes are substantiated. The role and place of the Wigner function in the class of Cohen distributions are shown. Analytical expressions and experimental results are presented.
    • Keywords: time−frequency distributions, Wigner distribution, processing of non-stationary processes, analytical signal, Cohen class distributions
    • DOI:10.31854/1813-324x-2018-1-47-60
  7. Demidov V., Dukelskii K., Leonov S., Matrosova A.
    Nonlinear Optical Transformation of Picosecond Laser Pulses in Multimode Microstructured Fibers with Limited Nonlinearity Журнала ТУЗС - Том 4, №1, 2018
    • Abstract: The results of theoretical and experimental studies of the transformation of picosecond pulses of an ytterbium laser (λ = 1030 nm) in silica-based microstructured fibers with an extremely high air-filling fraction and a core of diame-ters from 8 to 11 μm having a limited optical nonlinearity (γ = 2-3 1/(W·km)) are presented. The prevailing role of the four-wave mixing process in the nonlinear transformation of radiation in the anti-Stokes part of the spectrum has been discovered when pumping optical fibers in the normal dispersion regime.
    • Keywords: microstructured fiber, multimode regime, optical nonlinearity, transformation of radiation, supercontinuum, four-wave mixing
    • DOI:10.31854/1813-324x-2018-1-61-66
  8. Zinnurov S., Kovalsky A., Mitryaev G.
    Task`s Solution of Satellite Communication System`s Optimal Radio Resource Planning for the Sessions of Space Appliance`s Orbital Group Managing Журнала ТУЗС - Том 4, №1, 2018
    • Abstract: The satellite communication system of the main test space center is considered. The analysis of the elements which are its part, their tasks, backbone components, and also the used technologies of communication is carried out. Mathematical modeling of execution of communication sessions is carried out. The problem definition of optimum planning and operational distribution of a radio resource of satellite communication system is formulated. As a solution`s method of an objective approach on the basis of the maximum principle of L.S. Pontryagin is selected.
    • Keywords: satellite communication system, optimum planning of communication sessions, operational distribution of a radio resource, maximum principle of L.S. Pontryagin
    • DOI:10.31854/1813-324x-2018-1-67-74
  9. Pakhomov M., Rozhnov V.
    Method for Quantitative Evaluation of Auditory Perception of Nonlinear Distortion. Part I. Test Signals & Measure of Quantification Журнала ТУЗС - Том 4, №1, 2018
    • Abstract: The procedure for extracting the signal of nonlinear distortions arising in the sound paths of various devices with the simultaneous presence of frequency and dynamic distortions in the reproduced signal is described. The criteria for estimating their auditory perception and weighting coefficients that take into account the frequency and time response of the signal of nonlinear distortions are proposed. Preliminary experimental data confirming the dependence of the auditory perception of nonlinear distortions as a function of the tone structure of the signal and the spectral distribution of the "noise-to-mask ratio" are obtained.
    • Keywords: multitone signal, nonlinear distortions, simultaneous masking, noise-to-mask ratio, linear multiregression model
    • DOI:10.31854/1813-324x-2018-1-75-84
  10. Fokin G.
    Complex Imitation Model of Radio Emission Sources`s Positioning in the Non-Line-of-Sight Conditions Журнала ТУЗС - Том 4, №1, 2018
    • Abstract: The identification of line of sight in the processing of navigational measurements is relevant for positioning in urban conditions, as well as in heterogeneous terrain such as mountains and hills, when there is no direct visibility between the radio source and the receiving stations. The purpose of this work is to develop a complex simulation model for positioning between radio sources using time difference of arrival method in non-line-of-sight conditions.
    • Keywords: Non-Line-of-Sight, Time Difference of Arrival, Root-Mean-Square Error, radio emission source, simula-tion model
    • DOI:10.31854/1813-324x-2018-1-85-101

  12. Korzhik V.
    Book review «Steganography. Algorithms and software implementation (authors: O. Shelukhin, S. Kanayev)» Журнала ТУЗС - Том 4, №1, 2018

Журнала ТУЗС - Том 4, №1, 2018