Agliullin T.orcid-id, Anfinogentov V.orcid-id, Misbahov R.orcid-id, Morozov O.orcid-id, Sakhabutdinov A.orcid-id
Multicast Fiber Bragg Structures in Microwave Photonics Sensor SystemsЖурнала ТУЗС - Том 6 №1, 2020

  • Abstract: The article describes the transition concept from addressable fiber Bragg structures and microwave-photonics sensor systems based on them to multicast fiber Bragg structures. The difference between multicast structures and address structures is that in the fiber Bragg structure formes three or more super narrow-band frequency components, spaced from each other by the microwave frequency. The central frequencies shift of multicast Bragg structures is determined by the result of processing the signal of optical frequencies beats at the photodetector, which parameters judge the applied physical fields. We see the solved problem of uniquely determining the central (Bragg) frequency shift of the multicast fiber Bragg structure, with a unique set of address frequencies.
  • Keywords: microwave-photonics sensor systems, fiber Bragg gratings, address and multicast fiber Bragg structures


Rogozinsky G.orcid-id, Tarantsev A.
On Statement and Solution of Optimization Problem of Timbral Space Trajectories DesignЖурнала ТУЗС - Том 6, №1, 2020

  • Abstract: This article presents the definition, the statement and the solution of problem optimization for the trajectory between pairs of points in multidimensional timbral space. We see the solution which is implimented on Pareto optimality multiplicative and additive criteria, based on the example of given point set and the space of dimension 3. For given point set and the space of dimension 3, we present the corresponding, The obtained results define the method of timbral spaces for the non-speech audial systems reporting, also known as the sonification systems.
  • Keywords: sound synthesis systems, Pareto optimality, timbral spaces


Belyaev D., Kanaev A.orcid-id, Prisyazhniuk S., Saharova M., Sorokin R.
Conceptual Model of HF-Band Packet Radio Network Control SystemЖурнала ТУЗС - Том 6, №1, 2019

  • Abstract: The author develop the conceptual control system model to ensure the sustainable projected promising packet radio network HF-band operating. It is proposed to implement the control functions at the Element Management System level on the basis of automated radio centers, and to implement the Network Management System level management functions on the basis of a dedicated server. Such a management approach allows you to build a hierarchical centralized radio network management system architecture. We can observe a simulation modeling for the developed algorithms of the selected radio network control functions. The paper presents the simulation results, namely probabilistic-temporal characteristics of the processes reliability, routing and functioning under attacks.
  • Keywords: control system, HF-band packet radio network, UML, reliability, routing, safety, simulation


Akmolov A., Kovalsky A., Efimov S.
Creation and Functioning Suggestions for the Multi-Satellite Communication System Based on Different Height Orbital GroupingЖурнала ТУЗС - Том 6, №1, 2020

  • Abstract: This aticle is devoted to the creation features and functioning of a multisatellite communication system (MSCS) with mobile subscribers based on the orbital grouping of multi-altitude satellite-repeaters (SR) used on different heights. In the course of the investigatons the article outlines the following key scientific and technical solutions for the development of a different height multi-satellite communication system (DHMSCS): creation concept, ballistic construction, analysis of information load, organization of information exchange, network model. It is shown that this approach to the construction of the proposed communication system does not only concede to such foreign MSCSas Iridium, but also surpasses them according to some indicators.
  • Keywords: concept of creation, ballistic creation, organization of information exchange, model of network, main and alternative channel of management, matrix of distribution of information loading, inter-satellite radio link, multisatellite communication system


Ganbayev A., Filin V.
Optimal Energy Characteristics and Working Parametries of RF Switch Mode Power Amplifier Based on Controllable Current Fed Resonant InvertorЖурнала ТУЗС - Том 6, №1, 2020

  • Abstract: This article represents us the method for power losses minimizing in transistors of a radio frequency key generator (power amplifying) based on the control method application with overlapping pulses. We see fully formed requirements for the optimal excitation mode, providing maximum efficiency and maximum operating frequency, taking into account the finite times of switching on and off the generator GaN transistors. The article shows the obtained analytical equations for calculating power in a load, loss of efficiency, as well as equations for estimating the maximum operating frequency of the generator depending on the permissible level of losses. The article presents graphics of curves that determine the maximum operating frequency of an RF generator for permissible switching losses on various types of GaN transistors.
  • Keywords: Switch mode power amplifier, generator, power efficiency, pulse-width modulation (PWM), controlled current-fed resonant inverter