Volume 3. Issue 1. 2017

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Журнала ТУЗС - Том 3, №1, 2017 Read

Журнала ТУЗС - Том 3, №1, 2017 Read

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  1. Buziukov L., Okuneva D., Paramonov A.
    Problems of building wireless sensor net-works Журнала ТУЗС - Том 3, №1, 2017
    • Abstract: For the planning and construction of wireless sensor networks with the specified requirements for quality of service required USN model with the possibility of an adequate assessment of their functioning parameters. This article presents model developed to assess network connectivity and message delivery time.
    • Keywords: connectivity, message delivery time, simulation, wireless sensor network
  2. Vavilov S., Lytaev M.
    On application of non-local boundary conditions for tropospheric radio wave propagation problems Журнала ТУЗС - Том 3, №1, 2017
    • Abstract: In this research we are concerned with the method of non-local transparent boundary conditions for the numerical modeling of radio wave propagation near the Earth's surface. A modification of this approach to wide-angle parabolic equation is presented. The considered method does not require manual selection of the artificial parameters depending on the initial data. A comparison analysis with split-step Fourier method is given.
    • Keywords: radiowave propagation, inhomogeneous medium, parabolic equation, Helmholtz equation, non-local boundary conditions
  3. Vilegzhanin M., Mihaljov О.
    Capacity calculation of HF communication systems on group of frequencies at use of frequency adaptation Журнала ТУЗС - Том 3, №1, 2017
    • Abstract: The method of calculation of throughput of the system shortwave (HF) radio communications. This calculation proves that the use of frequency adaptation can increase the throughput of HF radio.
    • Keywords: shortwave radio, bandwidth, signal and frequency adaptation
  4. Elagin V., Sorokin V.
    Research of technological possibilities of the implementation of lawful interception in SDN Журнала ТУЗС - Том 3, №1, 2017
    • Abstract: Traditional networks are not always able to respond effectively to the new needs of the user. The existing network architecture requires modernization. SDN is one of the promising directions of development of information networks. The article discusses the concept of SDN networks, legal requirements for public networks and the current difficulties encountered in the implementation of lawful interception of traffic on networks SDN.
    • Keywords: lawful interception, software defined network, SDN, LI, OpenFlow, DPI
  5. Zhirov V., Zaytsev S., Molotkov Y., Ovcharenko A.
    Reception of the feeble energetic signal as a part of composite in case of analog digital conversion in broad band of frequencies Журнала ТУЗС - Том 3, №1, 2017
    • Abstract: Results of researches of the achievable relation signal/noise for a narrowband signal with considering filtering in case of analog digital conversion of a broadband composite signal are provided. Lowering of the relation signal/noise in case of broadband digitization defines possibilities of reception of feeble signals in a compound. It is connected to action of quantization noises that is especially critical in case of the small number of levels of quantization and not ideality of characteristics of ADC. The purpose of researches - to evaluate the achievable relation signal/noise when filtering feeble signals after digitization for the purpose of their further demodulation. In the course of the theoretical analysis and simulation it is shown that the pacing factor restricting the relation signal/noise is drift of zero ADC. It is shown that restoration is possible only if value of drift of zero on the module is less, than MSD of an additive noise in a compound of a composite signal.
    • Keywords: analog digital conversion, composite broadband signal, filtering signals
  6. Kovalgin Y., Santos V.
    Digital broadcasting: status, prospects, trends of using the radio frequency resource Журнала ТУЗС - Том 3, №1, 2017
    • Abstract: The state and variants of construction of digital broadcasting systems DAB, DMB, DRM, ISDB-TSB, IBOC HD RADIO FM, RAVIS in the information technologies market are analyzed. The characteristics of these systems are given, the prospects and tendencies of their promotion in the market of information media technologies, as well as the possibilities of the radio frequency resource used, are considered.
    • Keywords: digital broadcasting, trends in the use of radio frequency resources
  7. Kovalsky A.
    Research of adaptive multiplexing and schedulings of the multiservice traffic in the channeling equipment terrestrial stations of satellite communication. Part 1. Justification and problem definition Журнала ТУЗС - Том 3, №1, 2017
    • Abstract: Article is devoted to justification of relevance of the organization of adaptive multiplexing and dispatching of a traffic of multi-service networks in the channeling equipment of land satellite communication systems taking into account the changing interfering situation. An object of a research is the land satellite communication systems, an object of research – technology of multiplexing of satellite radio lines. The research objective consists in capacity growth of land satellite communication systems due to adaptive multiplexing and dispatching of a traffic in different conditions of an interfering situation. Verbal and mathematical problem definition of a research is made.
    • Keywords: adaptive multiplexing, scheduling of a multiservice traffic, terrestrial station of satellite communication
  8. Kubalova A., Maksimov A.
    Elliptic bandstop microwave filter using standard sections with implementation on microstrip lines Журнала ТУЗС - Том 3, №1, 2017
    • Abstract: The issues of mass and size minimization are vital to modern radio location, radio navigation and communications systems. Given the same number of reactive elements, elliptic-function filters provide better selectivity as compared to Chebyshev or Butterworth filters. A novel design method of elliptic microstrip bandstop microwave filter employing standard resonant sections is proposed. Numeric design example as well as electromagnetic simulation and experimental results are presented.
    • Keywords: microwave filter, microstrip filter, bandstop filter, elliptic filter, electromagnetic simmulation
  9. Lebeda E., Ostroumov M., Ostroumov O.
    The error probability in the channel with fading and diversity reception at the multipositioned signals reception Журнала ТУЗС - Том 3, №1, 2017
    • Abstract: The article is dedicated to the different methods using of the multiposition signals diversity reception in the radio communication channels with fading. The received expressions are presented which allow to calculate the error probability in the radio communication channels at the signals reception of the quadrature amplitude modulation of the different positioning and different diversity reception methods.
    • Keywords: fading, diversity reception, error possibility, multiposition signals, immunity, special functions
  10. Le Tran Duc, Simonina O.
    The Multipolling mechanism based on the prioritization for WLAN in a high dense networks Журнала ТУЗС - Том 3, №1, 2017
    • Abstract: This article is devoted to improving the quality of service in multiservice high-density Wi-Fi networks. It is proposed to modify the multipolling mechanism given the traffic requirements and minimizing delays. For this purpose it is proposed to modify the polling mechanism and to shift the competition from the stations to the access point. It is also proposed to modify standardized formats PLU and PLUR frames, overriding the backing field to support the work of the proposed mechanism.
    • Keywords: Wi-Fi, Multipolling Mechanism QoS, PCF, DCF
  11. Nikitin Y.
    Vernier frequency large multiplication Журнала ТУЗС - Том 3, №1, 2017
    • Abstract: Considered a large frequency multiplication by a ring of pulse-phase-locked loop, bringing the path which is implemented using broadband digital vernier single-sideband frequency converter. It is shown that the output ring PLL noise and interference falling within the transparent band (ring unity gain) multiplied significantly less than the input frequency
    • Keywords: digital frequency synthesis, vernier reduction path, digital single-sideband frequency conversion

Журнала ТУЗС - Том 3, №1, 2017