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  1. Ageev P., Kopichev O., Petrov I.
    The Dynamic Model of Radio Electronic Situation on the Basis of Automatic Linguistic Description of the Parameters the Functioning of Radio-Electronic Means Журнала ТУЗС - Том 2, №4, 2016
    • Abstract: The article presents a conceptual model of the dynamic radioelectronic environment, based on automata-linguistic description of the dependence of changes of parameters of functioning of systems and means of radio and radiotechnical support from multi-variant development of the situation in socio-economic and industrial spheres. Features the work of radio-electronic means are considered from the perspective of continuous-discrete (hybrid) systems. Offers the option of constructing conceptual mathematical model based on the application of set theory, software controlled grammars and hybrid automata.
    • Keywords: radioelectronic environment, radioelectronic means, continuously-discrete system, hybrid automata, formal grammars, a rule of object behavior, scenario
  2. Akimova L., Gadan O., Stakheev I.
    Morphological Model Field Transport Communications Network Special Purposes Журнала ТУЗС - Том 2, №4, 2016
    • Abstract: Morphological analysis is a very effective remedy for solving problems on the construction of communication networks, since it allows to identify, systematize and investigate the various options and ways to build a system for realization of the given functions. It allows you to systematically identify all the fullness of possible variants of construction of field transport communications network for special purposes.
    • Keywords: field transport communications network, the morphological structure, model
  3. Alexandrova A., Ryzhakov D., Samarkin D.
    The Concept of the Monitoring System of the Communication Node a Special Purpose Журнала ТУЗС - Том 2, №4, 2016
    • Abstract: The article is devoted to analysis of building management systems and developing solutions developing systems for monitoring the operation of WSN which may be expressed as information support of process of acceptance of administrative decisions. Based on the analysis of the concept of construction of system of monitoring of USSN.
    • Keywords: communications center special purpose control system, automated system monitoring and control
  4. Bogdanova Yu., Gordiychuk R., Zhuravlev D., Prasko G.
    Determination of Traffic Routes of Delivery the Field Transport Network Communications under Influence of Destabilizing Factors Журнала ТУЗС - Том 2, №4, 2016
    • Abstract: The paper presents the procedure for determining redundant routes of delivery traffic in the field of transport communications network on the basis of monitoring and evaluation of the communication quality data in different physical signaling media
    • Keywords: route monitoring, transport network, graph
  5. Bogdanovsky S., Simonov A.
    New Ways a Spatial-Polarization Representation of Radio Emission Source Based on Mathematical of Quaternions Журнала ТУЗС - Том 2, №4, 2016
    • Abstract: The paper considered new ways of spatial-polarization representation of radio signals from an unmanned aerial vehicle. Spatial-polarization model of radio emission source based on quaternions mathematics is offered. Spatial and polarization parameters, such as azimuth, elevation, distance to radio source, tilting angle of polarization ellipse, ratio of its semiaxes and direction of electric field vector rotation are accounted.
    • Keywords: spatial polarization processing of radio signals, radio location, quaternion, unmanned aerial vehicle, model
  6. Vedernikov I.
    Paths of Comprehensive Assessment of Environmental Safety in Construction of Linear Telecommunication Facilities Журнала ТУЗС - Том 2, №4, 2016
    • Abstract: In this article are analyzed factors of solid waste negative impact on the environment in construction of underground linear-cable telecommunication facilities. Identified scheme the formation of the qualitative characteristics of human impact on the environment during the migration of harmful man-made contaminants from soil-ground waste. Proposed the criteria for the development of models of integrated assessment of ecological safety not only of the construction but also the object of negative impact – object placement construction waste.
    • Keywords: environmental protection; solid waste; environmental regulation; line communication structure; hygienic regulation
  7. Girsh V., Lubyannikov A., Marchenkov A.
    Telegraph and Telephone Services in Parts Border Guard Журнала ТУЗС - Том 2, №4, 2016
    • Abstract: Operation of the electric telegraph and the telephone in Russia, as well as their application in the units of border guards, showed its advantage over pre-existing means of communication ("live" and optical), and therefore the beginning of the XX century. Telegraph and telephone communication has become an integral component in the organization due to the parts and units of border guards.
    • Keywords: border guards, border guards, telegraph, telephone, postal and telegraph offices
  8. Goray I., Gordiychuk R., Zhuravlev D., Kiruta R.
    Optimum Placement in Field Line Reservation Transport Network CommunicationsЖурнала ТУЗС - Том 2, №4, 2016
    • Abstract: The paper presents a method for determining the optimal placement of redundant lines in the field of transport communications network to improve the structural reliability. The problem is solved assessment of spanning trees of the graph with the introduction of alternate lines of redundancy between the nodes.
    • Keywords: spanning tree, graph, transport network, the backup line
  9. Gruzdev D., Zakalkin P., Kuznetsov S., Teslya S.
    Monitoring of Information and Telekommunkatsionny Networks Журнала ТУЗС - Том 2, №4, 2016
    • Abstract: One of priorities on ensuring information security of information and telecommunication communication networks of a special purpose is creation of dynamic system of the information security allowing to adapt quickly under quickly changing operating conditions of object of protection. A necessary condition of realization of dynamic systems of protection is existence of effective system of monitoring.
    • Keywords: information security, monitoring, communication networks of a special purpose
  10. Padishin S., Panihidnikov S., Zhigalow I.
    Distribution Methods of Various Address within Telecommunication Network Configurations Журнала ТУЗС - Том 2, №4, 2016
    • Abstract: The article describes distribution choices of various address and telecommunication network configurations based on the persons traveling in between job locations.
    • Keywords: distribution Methods of various addresses, network settings, allocation of job placements, DHCP, VPN, PPPoE, availability of job placements within network
  11. Ivanov V., Koryakin D., Panihidnikov S.
    Automated Control Systems for Communication of a Special Purpose Журнала ТУЗС - Том 2, №4, 2016
    • Abstract: One of the most important ways to ensure a desired quality of communication in the process control software is to improve the communication control efficiency. To this end, continued development and further improvement of the automated communication management systems (ACMS). The article describes the architecture of a generalized communication control in ADR, the general principles of operation and construction of ACMS, proposals for the use of TMN concept and associated set of protocols is a brief analysis of the development of ACMS in the communication networks of special purpose.
    • Keywords: automated communication control system, ACMS, TMN, technology, communications, special networking
  12. Ivanov V., Koryakin D., Udaltsov A.
    Monitoring of the Functioning Elements of the Communication System Using a Special-Purpose Universal Extensible Monitoring Systems Журнала ТУЗС - Том 2, №4, 2016
    • Abstract: One of the main problems arising in the process of improving communication systems is to improve the efficiency and quality of operation of a communication system as a whole and its individual elements. To assess the quality of the functioning of the network it is advisable to carry out continuous monitoring in all areas of information transmission. Control network settings allows you to quickly assess the situation and take the necessary measures to restore the required quality of data or the use of other means of information transmission. Thus solving the problem of increasing the stability control systems by reducing the reaction time to various deterministic and stochastic effects.
    • Keywords: monitoring system, ACMS, communication system, special networks
  13. Kalmykov D., Krivtsov S., Tevs O.
    The Calculation Timeliness of Message Delivery in the Special Purpose Communication System in the Terms of Enemy Impact Журнала ТУЗС - Том 2, №4, 2016
    • Abstract: The article presents the methodology of calculating package delivery timeliness package in the special purpose communication system. The method takes into account the resistance of the communication directions (routes of packages delivery), which are the influence of destabilizing factors, primarily fire and radioelectronic enemy impact.
    • Keywords: the probability of timely packages delivery, the resistance, the resistance factor, the communication direction, the route of package delivery, the node, the switching node, the communication line
  14. Karasik N., Lukyanov N., Sosunov B.
    Probabilistic Characteristics of the Antennas Mounted on Mobile Objects Radio Журнала ТУЗС - Том 2, №4, 2016
    • Abstract: Calculation of the probability of communication with the desired quality at an azimuth of the reporter. If we assume that the azimuth of the unknown correspondent, and the interference level at the receiver input is constant, the signal-to-noise ratio at the receiver input is a random variable obeying a normal law. The article presents an example of calculating the probability of communication with the desired quality when placing the antenna on the car.
    • Keywords: the directional pattern, the electromagnetic field, the normal distribution law of a random variable
  15. Korenev I., Lyakh V., Fokin N.
    Algorithm of Clock Synchronization of Elements of Network Knot of the Regional Transport Communication Network Журнала ТУЗС - Том 2, №4, 2016
    • Abstract: Only in the presence of the system of clock network synchronization (SCNS) in a transport communication network her Practical functioning with providing for the access networks (AN) of necessary number of channels of the set quality is possible. At a divergence of frequencies of generators of the network knots (NK) at which transit of channels is carried out slippings appear. There is a need to develop algorithm of clock synchronization of elements of network knot (a control algorithm of frequency and a phase of regional knot) for the organization of work of knots in the conducted mode.
    • Keywords: synchronization in a network, network knot, generator, Lipschitz's condition
  16. Kotsynyak M., Lauta O., Nechepurenko A., Shterenberg I.
    Method of Assessment of Stability of Information and Telecommunication Network in the Information Exposure Журнала ТУЗС - Том 2, №4, 2016
    • Abstract: In the modern technosphere wars computer attacks on information and telecommunication network will become increasingly important to achieve superiority over the enemy. Therefore, the sustainability of functioning of information-telecommunication networks is an important task.
    • Keywords: Sustainability information and telecommunication systems, information security, computer attacks
  17. Krivtsov S.
    Prospects of Development of the Stationary Communications Unit Control System, Featuring New Information Telecommunication Facilities Журнала ТУЗС - Том 2, №4, 2016
    • Abstract: The paper discusses the prospects of development of stationary communications unit control system, equipped with a new infotelecommunication means. The paper describes the possibility of a completely different node communication control as a result of the use of modern network of internal telecommunication, built on the principle of packet data.
    • Keywords: control system, a fixed communication unit, the internal telecommunications network, the system of dispatching communication, e-mail, short text messages, video link
  18. Odoevsky S., Sorokina E., Khoborova V.
    Accounting Variants of Service Quality Metrics of Information Flows at Multiservice Net’s Special Appointment Switching Nodes Журнала ТУЗС - Том 2, №4, 2016
    • Abstract: Accounting variants of service quality metrics of information flows by means of analysis and statistic methods are consider in the article in order to value quality of service in multiservice net of special appointment.
    • Keywords: environmental protection; solid waste; environmental regulation; line communication structure; hygienic regulation
  19. Chukarikov A., Sagdeev A.
    Justification of Operational and Technical Requirements on Information and Telecommunications Networks, Using Resources the Russian Federation's UTN in the Conflict at Cyberspace Журнала ТУЗС - Том 2, №4, 2016
    • Abstract: This paper proposes completely new approach to the evaluation of properties of systems  the formation of a coherent system of indicators that will, at varying rates, to balance the system and perform basic functions as intended. Developed methods of modeling of topological and structural uniformity, the output of which are used to develop a method for evaluating the effectiveness of combat cybernetic systems in the implementation of defensive and offensive actions.
    • Keywords: combat cybernetic system, conflict, cyberspace, tactical and technical requirements

Журнала ТУЗС - Том 2, №4, 2016