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  1. Avramenko M., Goikhman V.
    Analysis of Daily Changes in Atmospheric Phenomena with Help of Developed M2M Solutions for Environmental Monitoring Журнала ТУЗС - Том 2, №2, 2016
    • Abstract: At the inter-machine communication technologies have enormous potential to improve the protection of the environment and ecological conditions. Regular measurements of air condition in the major metropolitan areas to help residents not only to understand the composition and quality of the WHO-spirit, but also to help environmental organizations in the fight against dangerous contamination. The article describes the results of studies of daily changes in atmospheric phenomena from the sensor assembly.
    • Keywords: machine-to-machine, internet of things, inter-machine communications, portable devices, air quality, atmospheric phenomena
  2. Alekseev M., Kovalgin Yu.
    Software to Analyze the Massive of Data Measured by Control Measuring Receiver of DRM+ System Журнала ТУЗС - Том 2, №2, 2016
    • Abstract: DRM (Digital Radio Mondiale) is a system of digital broadcasting. In 2009, there was a system of standard addition (the opportunity to broadcast in the VHF Range-zone). In this regard it is important to have a set of tools for the analysis and processing of data obtained during testing of a new, improved system.
    • Keywords: DRM, MATLAB, graphical user interface, RSCI, digital-broadcasting howling
  3. Baranova T., Vyazmin A., Zharanova A., Kapitonenko V.
    Metaphysics of Morals Trolling the Internet Журнала ТУЗС - Том 2, №2, 2016
    • Abstract: The article analyzes the phenomenon of trolling moral space of inter-net, including the blogosphere and social networks. The basis of moral analysis of this phenomenon is the moral philosophy of Immanuel Kant, they set out to work "Critique of Practical Reason", "Fundamentals of the metaphysics of morals", "Metaphysics of morals". The article highlights the key provisions of the moral philosophy of Kant, their practical application to the various spheres of human activity. Some examples of the phenomenon of trolling in the space of the Internet, and then make a conclusion on their compliance with the categorical imperative and an autonomous will.
    • Keywords: trolling, rudeness, internet, Immanuel Kant, free will, self-will, heteronomous will, the maxim, the imperative, the categorical imperative, Kantian philosophical approach, criticism of practical reason, moral behavior
  4. Belenkaya M., Prokhorov D., Troflyanina N., Fomin S.
    Development of Software Analyzer Network Traffic Based on Quantitative Characteristics of Transport Stream Журнала ТУЗС - Том 2, №2, 2016
    • Abstract: In modern conditions, when data networks to transfer huge amounts of information, badly needed software to quickly analyze network traffic to determine its nature. This paper presents a method of determining the nature of the traffic on the basis of quantitative transport layer flow characteristics. A distinctive feature of the developed method is its lightness and undemanding to resources of the machine on which the analysis is performed. It developed an application that performs the task in real time.
    • Keywords: traffic analysis, traffic flows, machine learning
  5. Berezyanskaya V., Martynov A., Savinskiy S., Sagdeev A.
    The History of Domestic Satellite Communication Development Журнала ТУЗС - Том 2, №2, 2016
    • Abstract: The article describes the history of development of the domestic satellite communication, where the idea was first proposed by Arthur C. Clarke in 1945. The first artificial satellite to be considered, its launch and improvement, the establishment of various satellite communication systems, as well as the flight of the first man in space are shown.
    • Keywords: Arthur C. Clarke, satellite, satellite communication, Radio repeater
  6. Boltov Yu., Dudakov L., Tarlykov A.
    Solution of Visualization Tasks Procedurally Generated Landscape Using Algorithm Based on Structure of «Quadtree» Журнала ТУЗС - Том 2, №2, 2016
    • Abstract: This article describes the visualization algorithm procedurally generated landscape that occupies little processor and almost completely leaves for the application. Briefly touched upon the procedural terrain generation.
    • Keywords: computer graphics, landscape, visualization, generation, tree quadrants
  7. Bylina M., Popova S.
    Methods of Calculating the Length of Regeneration Area Oftl with Dispersion Compensators Журнала ТУЗС - Том 2, №2, 2016
    • Abstract: Chromatic dispersion is one of the main factors limiting the length of the regeneration area. The report examines the methods of compensation of chromatic dispersion and the proposed method of calculating the length of the regeneration area OFTL a dispersion compensator based on a special DCF fiber and fiber Bragg grating with a variable period.
    • Keywords: regenerator section length, chromatic dispersion, dispersion compensation fiber for dispersion compensation fiber Bragg grating
  8. Ganbaev A., Filin V.
    Analysis Methods Modulation of HF-Oscillations in Key Generators Журнала ТУЗС - Том 2, №2, 2016
    • Abstract: Methods for modulating the RF oscillation in key generators and power amplifiers are discussed. Options for obtaining a modulated RF radio on low power level and then increased, and the formation of modulated signal in the power output stage is key generator are analyzed. The scheme managed key generator based on the resonance current of the inverter, providing high efficiency and linear modulation characteristics are shown.
    • Keywords: pulse width modulation, amplitude modulation, efficiency
  9. Dvornikov S., Ivanov R.
    Proposals for Evaluating the Structural Security of Radio Interference Журнала ТУЗС - Том 2, №2, 2016
    • Abstract: Proposals to assess the security of radio frequency modulated by structural interference. Presents the results for the calculation of error probability of imposing of the false data. Suggestions for the practical use of the results.
    • Keywords: radio frequency modulation, structural noise, probabilistic assessment of security, stability from imposing of the false data
  10. Dvornikov S., Pshenichnikov A.
    Proposals for the Formation of Signal by a Serial Concatenation of Wavelet Functions Журнала ТУЗС - Том 2, №2, 2016
    • Abstract: The paper presents the results of a study the possibility of using radio signals systems formed in the basis of wavelet functions (WBF). The signals generated in the WBF, endowed with the property of structural secrecy with respect to the bases of the harmonic functions. Presented simulation results confirm this conclusion. In the article the approach to the synthesis of sequential concatenation of wavelets with different structures by signal corresponding to the information symbols.
    • Keywords: basic functions, handling formats, wavelet function, phase-shift keyed signals, noise immunity, secrecy signals
  11. Dyubov A., Yalunina T.
    Computer Modeling of Nonlinear Effects in Optical Fibers Журнала ТУЗС - Том 2, №2, 2016
    • Abstract: In connection with the introduction of WDM systems and the increase in the required power of the transmitted signal, which reaches over 30 dBm, the influence of nonlinear optical fibers becomes significant: their appearance on the high power of making a significant distortion in the transmitted signal, thereby reducing the reliability and limiting the regeneration section length. To conduct experimental studies of nonlinear difficult, due to the simultaneous display of multiple effects and the need to use complex and expensive devices. Computer modeling simplifies the research process, empowering the study of optical communication systems.
    • Keywords: computer modeling, optical fiber nonlinear effects, four-wave mixing, of DWDM
  12. Elagin V., Onufrienko A.
    Technology of Deep Packet Inspection in Software-Defined Networking Журнала ТУЗС - Том 2, №2, 2016
    • Abstract: Software-defined networking are becoming increasingly popular due to the ability to solve the problems of independence from the equipment manufacturer, to reduce the cost of equipment, simplifying administration network, but the data transfer there is a need in the deep packet inspection technology.
    • Keywords: software-defined networking, deep packet inspection, DPI, Mininet
  13. Ivanov A., Kovaleva T.
    Results of Composite Simulation for Antenna Shelters Журнала ТУЗС - Том 2, №2, 2016
    • Abstract: The paper discusses the results of the modeling of composite materials for the elements of antenna radomes and shelters that provide transmission and absorption structures in certain areas of antenna shelters.
    • Keywords: composite material radio transparent composite radar absorbing material, protective coating, transmittance, reflectance
  14. Kirik D., Tumashov A.
    Development of a Mathematical Model of Shielded Loop Antenna to the N - Number of Turns Журнала ТУЗС - Том 2, №2, 2016
    • Abstract: This article focuses on the antenna, which can be classified as DF-antennas. The loop antenna is a further development of the loop dipole. The device itself is to treat the area of radio antenna that can be used in radio monitoring systems, monitoring electromagnetic environment in communication systems. Classical loop antenna includes a coil of wire, but sometimes used and multiturn loop antennas having a number of turns greater than one. In order to correctly pick up the input parameters for a given DF-antenna without having to create a physical prototype, the task of constructing a mathematical model that will connect the geometric and electromagnetic parameters of the frame.
    • Keywords: loop antenna frame, four-pole, gang-pole functions, the wave equation, the matrix Z, Y - parameters
  15. Kondratyev D., Ptitsyna L., Shevchenko Elsabayar N.
    Intelligent Profile of Service-Oriented Architectures Журнала ТУЗС - Том 2, №2, 2016
    • Abstract: Actualized dynamic configuration of intelligent service-oriented systems, substantiate the possibility of differences in order to dynamically configure, highlighted promising approaches to dynamic configuration, presented new functional tasks dynamically configure intelligent service-oriented systems, a system of services for the solution of functional tasks of dynamic configuration, define the context of formation system of new services based on dynamic configuration purposes.
    • Keywords: service-oriented system, intelligent information system, dynamic configuration, scheduling services, planning services
  16. Korzhik V., Kropivko I.
    Acoustic Stegosystem Built on Base of Echo-Signals with Its Transmission Through the Acoustic Environment with External Noise Investigation Журнала ТУЗС - Том 2, №2, 2016
    • Abstract: The stegosystem is theoretically and experimentally investigated at information transmission on the different distances in the acoustic environment with external noise. It is shown that with using the technique based on echo-signals and appropriate embedding parameters selection stegosystem provides reliable data reception with sufficient distance between transmitter and receiver and with external noise in the acoustic environment.
    • Keywords: stegosystem, echo signals, cepstral analysis, acoustic noises
  17. Kuznetsov D., Mitroshina P., Sagdeev A., Semin A.
    Constructions Feature of Radio Channel with Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Журнала ТУЗС - Том 2, №2, 2016
    • Abstract: This article describes the features of the construction of the radio link with the unmanned aerial vehicle. The analysis revealed the requirements and consider the propagation loss of the signal. Spend channel budget analysis of the relationship, consider different types of signal modulation. And it offered the fight with a frequency-spectral distortions.
    • Keywords: radio, unmanned aerial vehicles, the communication channel
  18. Kulakov M., Shavrin S.
    Development of Self-Organizing Routing Protocol Ad Hoc Network for ADS-B Systems Журнала ТУЗС - Том 2, №2, 2016
    • Abstract: The rapid growth of the number of vehicles, both ground-based and aircraft created in some regions a greater load on the control system and motion control. Today, the combination of the different information and communication technologies and their implementation in the transport medium is one of the tasks which can be used for a variety of practical applications. As an integral part of the information and communication technologies for telecommunications data networks provide a unique opportunity for the exchange of information between users, wherever they may be within the network. The use of mobile Ad Hoc networks is one of the most promising methods to increase situational awareness of transport systems, as this type of networks has several important features: auto-configuration, self-optimization and self-healing.
    • Keywords: ADS-B, self-organizing network routing, Ad Hoc
  19. Pihovkin N., Sakharov D.
    Securing a Distributed Information Network, Taking into Account Risk Management Журнала ТУЗС - Том 2, №2, 2016
    • Abstract: Information and computer networks, combining into a single system all departments and branches, can work together in centralized or distributed applications, databases and other services. One of the main tasks of ensuring the necessary level of security of such networks is the risk management process, which allows to make every effort to protect against the most likely threats. The article analyzes the importance of risk management in the process of information security, and describes the risk-oriented method of construction of a secure distributed network developed based on leading standards and recommendations.
    • Keywords: information security, risk management, threat information system, a distributed network
  20. Portnov E., Fatkhulin T.
    Technological Solutions to Increase the Capacity of Optical Fibers Журнала ТУЗС - Том 2, №2, 2016
    • Abstract: The purpose of this article is to examine the technical solutions to significantly increase the capacity of modern optical fibers. The analysis of the constraints imposed by the use of standard optical fibers. The necessity to develop new types of optical fibers, allowing to reduce the influence of nonlinear effects. Results of the experiment data transfer 255 Tbit / s and design features used considered optical fiber. Finally, conclusions are drawn on the need for both active and passive components for a new type of optical fiber.
    • Keywords: total power, few-mode fiber mode field diameter, the transmission rate, the band amplification, modulation format, bandwidth

Журнала ТУЗС - Том 2, №2, 2016