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  1. Al-Koli Mohammed M., Pirmagomedov R.
    Passive Nano Sensor Based on Surface Acoustic Wave
    Журнала ТУЗС - Том 2, №1, 2016 - Page 5 Read
    • Abstract: The SAW sensor offers advantages in that it is wireless, passive, small and has varying embodiments for different sensor applications. In addition, there are a variety of ways of encoding the sensed data information for retrieval. SAW sensors are capable of measuring physical, chemical and biological variables. This paper will present a spread spectrum approach using orthogonal frequency coding (OFC) for encoding the SAW sensor.
    • Keywords: SAW, OFC, Sensor node, RFID technology
  2. Nikitin A., Ryzhkov A., Al-Osaimi Halid A.M.
    LTE eMBMS Network Throughput Assessment
    Журнала ТУЗС - Том 2, №1, 2016 - Page 8 Read
    • Abstract: There is a significant packet traffic rise in the radio access networks and especially video traffic. The eMBMS technology application in LTE networks can be of great use in subscribers load increase. Channel resource allocation for LTE eMBMS is considered and the network throughput is discussed.
    • Keywords: eMBMS, LTE, channel resource, throughput, video
  3. Arkhipov V., Yakovlev V.
    The Generalized Model of Graphical Password, Tolerant to Video-Recording Attacks
    Журнала ТУЗС - Том 2, №1, 2016 - Page 12 Read
    • Abstract: We tried to explain problem of producing password tolerant to video-recording attacks. This password based on a table of correspondences of input and password symbols. Attacks to system of password protection are considered, ratios for estimates of probabilities of guessing of the password and password guessing for different number of possible attacks to a password entry procedure are received.
    • Keywords: authentication, password protection, graphical password, video-recording attacks, Graphical password, tolerant to video-recording attacks, shoulder-surfing attacks
  4. Astakhov A, Sumkin V.
    Analysis of Troubleshooting in Pon. Theory and Practice
    Журнала ТУЗС - Том 2, №1, 2016 - Page 18 Read
    • Abstract: As the practice of troubleshooting during the installation of PON shows, the presence of excess fiber bends causes the large losses at a wavelength of 1490 nm, whereas not enough tight fixations of optical connectors greatly affects the attenuation at a wavelength of 1310 nm. Theoretical analysis of losses caused by optical fiber macrobends and losses at a longitudinal gap for different wavelengths used in PON was carried out to explain this feature
    • Keywords: passive optical network, PON. testing, optical fiber, spectral range, wavelength, optical radiation
  5. Bezborodkin P., Bykov M., Demidov V., Dukelskii K.
    Microstructured Optical Fibers for Information Transfer and Processing Systems
    Журнала ТУЗС - Том 2, №1, 2016 - Page 23 Read
    • Abstract: Data on development of single-mode microstructured fibers with a 35 micron core diameter different from analogs by the higher bending resistance property are provided. It is shown that the single-mode regime of operation is reached in fibers due to the phenomenon of differential mode attenuation caused by a distinction in leakage intensity of fundamental and higher-order modes.
    • Keywords: microstructured fiber, large core, single-mode operation
  6. Buzyukov L., Okuneva D., Paramonov A.
    Research of Characteristics of the Self-Organized Wireless Network at Various Ways of Placement of Knots
    Журнала ТУЗС - Том 2, №1, 2016 - Page 28 Read
    • Abstract: Results of research of dependence of connectivity of a network on distribution of knots and influence of distribution of knots and their parameters on solutions of tasks of creation of networks with the set requirements to connectivity are given in this article.
    • Keywords: self-organized wireless network, connectivity, dispersion, Erdos-Renyi model, poisson distribution, gaussian distribution
  7. Bourdine A.
    Design of a Few-Mode Optical Fibers with Decreased Differential Mode Delay over “C”-Band
    Журнала ТУЗС - Том 2, №1, 2016 - Page 32 Read
    • Abstract: This work presents method for design of specialized refractive index profile that provides differential mode delay decreasing over “C”-band for silica few-mode optical fibers with enhanced core diameter in comparison with known commercial samples.
    • Keywords: few-mode optical fibers, enhanced core diameter, differential mode delay, effective area, higher order guided modes, nonlinear Shannon limit
  8. Bylina M, Glagolev S, Kuznetsov V.
    Analysis of Possibilities to Increase the Length of the Single-Span Section of the Fiber-Optical Communication Line
    Журнала ТУЗС - Том 2, №1, 2016 - Page 37 Read
    • Abstract: The article is devoted to the investigation of the possibilities to increase the length of the single-span section of the fiber-optical communication line with dense wavelength division multiplexing without using remote power supply. The work includes proposed and simulated variants of schemes of the single-span sections with linear optical amplifiers EDFA with remote pump signal. The results can be used as a recommendation for amplifier developers and communication line designers.
    • Keywords: fiber-optical communication line, optical amplifier, optical fiber, single-span section, optical signal, pump emission, amplified spontaneous emission, wavelength division multiplexing, remote optical pumped amplifier
  9. Goikhman V., Lapiy A.
    The Solution of the Problem of Traffic Classification Using Neural Networks
    Журнала ТУЗС - Том 2, №1, 2016 - Page 43 Read
    • Abstract: The article is devoted to development architecture of neural network for traffic classification. Dependence of quality of neural network’s recognition of signals given on it entrance from parameters of a neural network is analyzed. On the basis of results of the analysis the possibility of creation of an optimum neural network is shown, and further it is possible to work with various entrance values, for example values of traffic.
    • Keywords: neural networks, traffic classification, architecture of neural network
  10. Goryshin K., Nebaeva K.
    Comparative Efficiency Analysis of Informed Encoder Stegosystems Building Methods
    Журнала ТУЗС - Том 2, №1, 2016 - Page 47 Read
    • Abstract: This article considers two informed encoder stegosystems building methods. The first one uses improved spread spectrum signals, the second one uses quantized projective modulation/demodulation. The article represents comparative analysis of their embedding speeds, wrong information bit extraction probabilities, false alarm and stegosystem miss probabilities.
    • Keywords: improved spread spectrum signals, quantized projective modulation, steganography
  11. Zhuvikin A., Korzhik V.
    The Usage of 3-Bit Quantization Method for Selective Image Authentication Algorithm Robust to JPEG Compression
    Журнала ТУЗС - Том 2, №1, 2016 - Page 52 Read
    • Abstract: The advantage of watermarking usage is it does not require to store of metadata in extra memory space. However, JPEG algorithm, being a common method for image compression, leads to break-in of strict image authentication. An improved algorithm of selective image authentication tolerant to JPEG compression is presented. Proposed method is based on central finite differences and 3-bit quantization of the feature vector. The experimental results show that algorithm has strong resistance to JPEG compression with quality factor Q ≥ 8, the high probability of malicious tampering detection and low order of calculation complexity comparing with the previous presented. A visual quality (PSNR) of the watermarked image is higher than 40 dB.
    • Keywords: digital images, selective authentication, JPEG, 3-bit quantization, discrete wavelet transform
  12. Savelev R., Zorin V.
    Quality Assessment of Speech Transmission on a Global Satellite Network with the Placement of Spacecraft Communication at Low and Medium Orbits for Objective Model Packet Level
    Журнала ТУЗС - Том 2, №1, 2016 - Page 58 Read
    • Abstract: The quality of a tested paths of the packet network connection is assessed by subjective and objective methods. Methodology for the subjective (expert) estimation described in Recommendation ITU R. 800 and known as the MOS method (Mean Opinion Score). In accordance with Recommendation ITU G. 107 the basis of an objective methodology based on E-model.
    • Keywords: the quality of communication, satellite communication, assessment, subjective method, objective method
  13. Kazakevich E., Koryakin D., Petrushin D., Fedoseev D.
    Optimal Ratio of Alternative Energy Sources in Hybrid Power Supply Systems for Communication Centers
    Журнала ТУЗС - Том 2, №1, 2016 - Page 63 Read
    • Abstract: Calculation of hybrid electrical system parameters for communication center, which can be located in different climatic conditions, is presented. The article is generalization of generated power calculations obtained for solar panels and wind turbines for different regions. The essence of the problem is the lack of methods, which allow to determine rational structure of alternative energy sources. The article contains technical and economic indicators analysis of alternative energy sources, wind and solar potential in Russia.
    • Keywords: military communications, alternative energy sources, hybrid power system, photovoltaic plant, wind power plant
  14. Kireev A., Fokin G.
    Positioning of Objects in LTE Networks by Measuring Signal Time of Arrival
    Журнала ТУЗС - Том 2, №1, 2016 - Page 68 Read
    • Abstract: LTE networks become increasingly popular in Russia. Positioning of objects in LTE networks by measuring signal time of arrival is one of existing algorithms based on network infrastructure. Computer modelling is the way of measuring positioning accuracy by statistical approximation.
    • Keywords: positioning, computer modelling, LTE
  15. Kirik, D., Kovaleva T., Pustarnakova Y.
    Modeling and Experimental Study of the Shielding Properties of Protective Materials and Coatings
    Журнала ТУЗС - Том 2, №1, 2016 - Page 72 Read
    • Abstract: Modeling and study of shielding properties of protective materials and coatings is one of the effective passive methods in problems of electromagnetic compatibility of units and blocks RF and microwave devices and technical means of information transmission, improve their noise immunity.
    • Keywords: electromagnetic parameters, reflection coefficient and shielding electromagnetic compatibility
  16. Kirichek R., Kuleshov A., Koucheryavy A.
    Methods for Detection of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Based on the Analysis of Network Traffic
    Журнала ТУЗС - Том 2, №1, 2016 - Page 77 Read
    • Abstract: With the increasing popularity of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), and their availability in 2014-2015 significantly increased the number of accidents and collisions with obstacles. In this regard, in 2015 in the Russian Federation, as well as other countries the laws governing piloting rules and UAV flights were adopted. One of the main provisions of these laws was the mandatory registration of all UAV 250 grams heavier. In connection with the advent of the regulatory framework regarding the UAV sharply raises the question of the illegal exploitation of undocumented UAV persons who do not have permission to perform the flight. Decision of the situation is to develop equipment that will allow to fix the fact launch the UAV, its coordinates and the coordinates of the operator, as well as an emergency landing of the UAV. This paper proposes a method and an algorithm for the detection of UAVs and associated flight parameters based on the analysis of network traffic, intercepted the radio.
    • Keywords: Unmanned aerial vehicle, detection, traffic, frame analysis, interception
  17. Kognovitzkiy O.
    Wideband Data Signals with Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum and their Properties
    Журнала ТУЗС - Том 2, №1, 2016 - Page 82 Read
    • Abstract: Wideband signals allow high-level noise immunity in data transmission channels when signal-to-noise ratio is close to one or less than one under certain conditions. Nowadays wideband signals are commonly used in wireless data transmission systems. One of the modern tasks is the selection and processing of wideband signals. Possibility of data rate increasing is also introdused.
    • Keywords: spectrum spreading, noise-shaped sgnal, probability of error
  18. Fadeev D., Kovalgin Y.
    A Method of Controlling the Quantization Noise of the Wavelet Coefficients in Perceptual Compression of Audio Signals
    Журнала ТУЗС - Том 2, №1, 2016 - Page 89 Read
    • Abstract: Discusses the quantization noise arising in the codec working in wavelet space, and the method of adaptation psychoacoustic model AAS (AMP AAS) to the calculation of the masking performed in the wavelet domain.
    • Keywords: the quantization noise, compression of digital audio data, wavelet-domain codec
  19. Korzhik V., Trishnevskaya I.
    Investigation of Binary Image Authentication with the Use of Digital Watermarking
    Журнала ТУЗС - Том 2, №1, 2016 - Page 95 Read
    • Abstract: Authentication of binary image is a very important approach in order to provide security especially of both medical and police databases. However it is impossible to use directly well-known methods of gray-scale image authentication with digital watermarking. The technique with the use of special image compression by arithmetic codes for solution of this problem is proposed. Experimental results regarding possible authenticator sizes and quality of images just after embedding are presented.
    • Keywords: binary images, authentication, arithmetic codes, texture of image
  20. Paramonov A., Houndonougbo E.
    Analysis of Methods of Node Position in an Ad-Hoc Network
    Журнала ТУЗС - Том 2, №1, 2016 - Page 99 Read
    • Abstract: This paper presents an analysis of the main characteristics of the most popular positioning methods in WSN. The paper discusses also the dependence of position error on the relative error in distance measurements and on the number of anchors, in order to determine, in the future, an optimal positioning method based on specific conditions and requirements.
    • Keywords: wireless sensor networks, localization, positioning, sensor nodes

Журнала ТУЗС - Том 2, №1, 2016