Scatkov A.orcid-id, Krotov K.orcid-id
Оrganization of Web-Based Environmental Monitoring Service Using Earth Remote Sensing Data and Pipelining Data ProcessingЖурнала ТУЗС - Том 7, №1, 2021

  • Abstract:The article analyzes the types of remote sensing data and methods of their processing, which is implemented in order to identify negative natural phenomena and man-made impacts on the environment on the earth’s surface, their characteristics and distribution conditions. The substantiation of the pipelining remote sensing data processing necessity in Web-oriented services environmental monitoring services is carried out. The article substantiates the architectural organization of Web-oriented services for environmental monitoring services and the functional scheme of the data acquisition and processing system. Based on the analysis of the thematic and POST-thematic data processing methods, the organization of a multistage (pipeline) system for the implementing actions with them that provide versatile environmental monitoring is justified.
  • Keywords: Earth remote sensing data, Web-based environmental monitoring service, pipelined data processing.