Pashkevich V.orcid-id, Golubev V., Protsenko M.
Modeling and Calculation Characteristics of APAA HF-Band Based on Whip AntennasЖурнала ТУЗС - Том 7, №1, 2021

  • Abstract: When designing the antenna field of a stationary HF transmitting radiocenter, it is necessary to provide for reserving ground-based symmetrical antennas operating on round-the-clock radio directions with backup, fast-deployable antenna systems. As such antennas, it is proposed to use asymmetric vertical dipoles, active phased antenna arrays (APAA) based on them with a controlled directional pattern. This article considers methods for calculating such systems, a method is developed for determining the phase relationships of currents at the inputs of APAR elements, taking into account its placement and functioning on a real object. The results of route tests of single antennas and APAA on a radio link with a length of 650 km are presented.
  • Keywords: electrodynamic modeling, transmitting radio center, whip antenna, trace signals tests, optimal operating frequency, radiation pattern, scanning main beam of APAA, the method of calculation.