Kuzmin S.orcid-id, Korovin K.orcid-id, Andropov A.orcid-id
Design Technique for Shielded Multilayer Directional CouplerЖурнала ТУЗС - Том 7, №1, 2021

  • Abstract: The article discusses the implementation of directional couplers in a microstrip line, designed for communication lines in the frequency range of 2-3 GHz, on a substrate made of a widely used and generally available material RO4350, with a coupling factor of 3-7 dB. These directional couplers have been designed with additional boundary conditions to reduce the size of the device. In the course of numerical modeling, the correction factors used for preliminary analytical calculations were refined. The data of the numerical experiment were verified using the measurements prototype model.
  • Keywords: SHF devices, directional coupler with front coupling, optimization methods, miniaturization.