Pasternak Yu., Ishchenko E.orcid-id, Pendyurin V., Fedorov S.orcid-id
Use of Active Metamaterial as a Phase Shifter Integrated into the WaveguideЖурнала ТУЗС - Том 7, №1, 2021

  • Abstract: Active metamaterials usage is one of the most promising ways to control the characteristics of antennas, waveguides, and other microwave devices. This article proposes the controlled metamaterial design in the form of an electromagnetic crystal with switches located at the nodes of the crystal lattice. This metamaterial application for changing the fundamental mode phase of the WR-137 waveguide is investigated. Controlling the characteristics of the metamaterial is performed by switching pin diodes at the nodes of the lattice, so this control method allows you to achieve a high speed system, as well as to switch only certain pin diodes. Electrodynamic modeling was carried out, on the basis of which the characteristics of the waveguide were obtained for different metamaterial closed nodes combination, which changes the the electromagnetic wave phase.
  • Keywords: metamaterial, waveguide phase shifter, S-parameters, TE10-wave.