Pirmagomedov R.orcid-id, Ahmed A.A.
Multi-Level Peer-to-Peer Requests Processing in Mobile NetworksЖурнала ТУЗС - Том 6, №2, 2020

  • Abstract: The evolution of the Internet of Things application dictates new, more stringent requirements for the speed of transmission and processing of information. To reduce latency, peripheral multi-service access computing is gaining in popularity. This approach allows users to process data closer to their location. However, such solutions may not take into account the specifics of applications based on peer-to-peer user requests (P2P). Subject of study. The article explores the processing time of P2P requests in mobile networks. Method. The applied methodology includes methods of mathematical and simulation modeling. The main results. The results of the work allow us to conclude that the peripheral computing of multiservice access in their standard architectural design is insufficient. At the same time, the developed solution based on a multilevel architecture with multicast routing provides significantly lower query processing time. Practical significance. The solution proposed by the authors is able to ensure the operability of applications requiring minimal network latency, such as medical applications, unmanned vehicles, search for various service providers with reference to geographical coordinates.
  • Keywords: 5G, P2P, IMT2030.